Introduced to the design world from a young age thanks to multiple family members, at 25 Margaret Naeve acquired a furniture shop. She says, “While operating my shop, I had the pleasure of working with some of Houston’s best designers. These interactions are what pushed me into interior design myself.” Now Margaret runs a design studio alongside her shop, M Naeve. 

This home showcases the power of neutrals, with a mix of classic design and modern edge. The space is formal while never feeing fussy or overworked.Inspired by the home’s beautiful stucco exterior, Margaret says, “I wanted my interior design to be cohesive with that feeling. This led me to a soft pallet with neutrals and soft textures.” 

The home of a family of six, the spaces flow easily from one room to the next. Maragret says, “This house was more about form- there are no loud colors, bright paintings, it is a perfect mix of contemporary and antiques, I could not have been happier.” 

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