Back in 2017, the TRUNK team opened up a design-forward hotel in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood called TRUNK(HOTEL) where guests could eat, play, and work in a highly integrated environment. With the idea that Tokyo, like many cities, is going through a transformation that leaves some of its original charm behind – specifically its traditional architecture and its underground cultural scene – TRUNK decided to create its own townhouse hotel, called TRUNK(HOUSE) that gives its guests a private and bespoke experience rooted in the flavor of the city’s Kagurazaka neighbourhood.

Originally a geisha house built 70 years ago, the two-story building was transformed into an exclusive private hotel by TRUNK founder Yoshitaka Noji and the brand’s in-house design team. It boasts a tearoom with an irori (sunken hearth) fireplace, Japan’s smallest disco (a futuristic mini karaoke and music room), a private chef, and mini-garden.

Besides the luxe amenities, the hotel has been meticulously designed and has been infused with the craft of local artisans. This includes a stone genkan-style entry that has been restored to its original form, dark terrazzo floors, paper screens, and stained glass – all respecting the building’s original appearance. The bathrooms have been carefully designed to replicate Japan’s revered bathhouses, with aromatic Japanese cypress bathtubs surrounded by tiles with woodblock prints by artist Masumi Ishikawa.

TRUNK(HOUSE) has been conceived to inspire travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture and in the design of the space. Each detail of the hotel has been carefully thought out to give guests an immersive experience. Not to mention that by restoring one of Tokyo’s emblematic buildings, TRUNK has been able to preserve a little piece of the city’s history.