Today’s home tour is a bit unique, as it wasn’t built from the ground up or purchased and quickly renovated to meet the homeowner’s needs. The family who lives there has actually called it home for many years. “It’s the home the husband grew up in and wanted to recreate something new for his family,” designer Lindye Galloyway shares. “The home was built in the 1980s and needed some major love! It was comprised of old everything, including some 80s staples with a closed in concept, cut outs in the walls and soffits everywhere.”

The young family wanted a home that was elevated in style but still approachable and relaxed. “And I’d say that perfectly describes this family – relaxed, inviting and adventure loving,” Lindye smiles. Fortunately, they were very trusting clients and let Lindye and her team take the reigns. “They wanted a place that was comfortable and kid friendly, while having great design with a mid-century modern tone,” she recalls. “And I was thankful that they were happy to part with the architectural features that dated the house!”

The lower level needed the majority of the work to create an open concept and flow. They knocked down walls, raised the ceilings, and reconfigured the kitchen space. “While we were working with a smaller footprint in the kitchen, it was important for our clients to have an island, so we created a narrow one for them to enjoy while cooking and doing homework,” the designer explains. “In an effort to create unique moments throughout the space, we gave the kitchen island and hood a pop of color with this blue-green hue that became a defining look for the home.”

The family room is quite close, and they wanted it to feel connected yet also independent of the kitchen. “The fireplace is a grounding piece in a family room, so we gave it a geometric tile and wood surround that spoke back to the open shelving in the kitchen,” Lindye says. “As you move upstairs, we gutted each space, giving the bathrooms new life and the rooms more space to live. And of course, no home is complete without furnishings and this is where we brought in another layer of mid-century modern style to each space.”

The entire project took about a year from start to finish, and Lindye admits there were a few intimidating moments. “Those walls held so many amazing childhood memories for the husband and when you are knocking out spaces that have personal meaning and connection, that can feel like a risk,” she recalls. “We wanted to do the home justice and creative a fresh, new space for their family now to create memories of their own in! And thankfully, we did just that! Our clients are some of the most grateful and kind people that joy just spilled from them upon seeing their space.”