“This was the project launched by a broken refrigerator,” architect Libby Raab recalls. “The clients purchased a new Sub-Zero fridge that wouldn’t fit into their existing space. They considered a few modifications to the kitchen to accommodate the new fridge and then realized they needed an overhaul to the entire kitchen. They also desired new space to relocate the home office out of the kitchen… one thing lead to another and soon we were renovating the entire house.” Libby worked alongside interior designer Krista Hoffman, and while the pair agreed that the home had good bones, it was in dire need of updating and thoughtful space planning to correct some space flow issues that did not work well for this family’s lifestyle. 

The quintessential ranch-style house is located in Ladera, a tight-knit Bay Area suburb. “The homeowners love their neighborhood for its proximity to hiking trails, sense of community, and accessibility to the larger Bay Area,” Krista shares. “They also loved their lot and it just made more sense to undergo a thoughtful remodel/addition rather than start over with a home search.” The active family of four love to entertain, cook, garden and fully embrace the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that defines California living — all qualities both architect and designer prioritized in the new space. 

“We agreed that the interiors should feel natural and airy, a true nod to the homeowners’ California heritage, and I selected materials and finishes based on this shared vision,” Krista says. The result is light, airy, and functional — and just the right size! Libby concludes, “In the end we took it from being a 2,992 SF 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house to a 3,354SF home with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.” 

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