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Located just outside of Indianapolis in a beautiful suburban neighborhood, this home was a little dark and dated when designer Chelsea Horsley first laid eyes on it. “The main floor was your typical 2000 new build with cherry cabinetry, wall niches, and an overdose of brown tones,” she recalls. “It no longer fit my clients lifestyle or personality- they are a vibrant, active family of 5 who love to host parties and gatherings.” The family had hired Chelsea to oversee, design, and furnish the construction remodel of the main floor. Their style is polished, classic, and comfortable — a perfect fit for the designer’s aesthetic. She laughs, “I can still remember our first meeting when my client said her favorite color was bone and I thought, this is going to be a great fit! I love when a client isn’t afraid to do a 180 from where they came from.”

First up, Rottmann Collier (Indianapolis-based architects) created a floor plan which would lay the groundwork for each space to take shape. New hardwood floors were installed throughout, with a special herringbone pattern in the entry. The dining room is located right off of the entry, and Chelsea knew it would be a great spot to set the tone for the home. “I wanted this space to be washed in neutrals, and feel simple and elevated,” she says. “I chose patterns and textures in velvets, shagreen, bone, and added one of my favorite timeless wallpapers. We also removed their tray ceiling and designed the coffered detail that draws your eye up and centers the space.” The entry is actually two stories, and was previously blank walls with a hallway full of arches. “By removing those completely, we gained better space for our clients to entertain, and now the light just pours in.” She continues, “Adding the applied molding from floor to ceiling gave the home some interior architectural detail, and really envelops the guests as they enter. It feels so welcoming now!” 

In the family room, Chelsea’s goal was to make it crisp and polished, but still quite comfortable. The old fireplace and built-ins were torn down and replaced with a cast limestone fireplace and inset built-ins. The entire fireplace needed to be replaced and re-vented, which Chelsea admits was a big challenge but well worth it, explaining, “It instantly modernized the space and gave it new life.” For decor, she stuck with kid-friendly fabrics, natural wood elements, and personal pieces. “My clients had amazing old family photographs, pottery, and vintage family heirlooms that I wanted to bring out of storage for them to enjoy,” she says. 

Like most homes, the kitchen is this family’s gathering place, so Chelsea not only wanted it to function better but to feel like the jewel of the home. “The cabinetry, including the tambour hood, black china cabinet, and zinc metal detailing were custom made by artisans local to Indiana,” she explains. “Also keeping in mind my clients favorite color, bone, I chose the zellige backsplash to complement the honed marble countertops they fell in love with.” This ended up being the designer’s favorite room. “My clients were so trusting and patient. I pushed them to take a few risks so that the space would feel uniquely theirs,” she smiles. “In the end, those details like the zinc metal on the hood and island, and the zellige tile backsplash are what they love about the kitchen, and nothing makes me happier than that!”