This home was sent to us by photographer Jessica Ashley. We immediately loved the master bedroom’s millwork and were even more excited when we realized the designer was Julie Holloway, of Milk and Honey Home, whose writing we shared in issues one and two of Rue Magazine. We’ll be sharing two homes designed by Julie and photographed by Jessica. Both are second homes at The Inn at Serenbe, outside of Atlanta, which we wrote about recently.

It’s great to connect again! You’ve written for Rue but this is the first time your work has been the focus- how have you transitioned from writer to interior designer?
This job chose me, I think. I was a high school English teacher before! When my husband, Chris, and I renovated our first home (three homes ago) I got hooked. I realized my passion for design was spilling over and I knew I wanted to share it. I began blogging in 2010 and used it as a platform to showcase my home and find potential clients.

And it all took off from there! What were your client’s goals for this home?
This is a second homes and serves as a place to get away. The owner, Gwynne, really wanted it light, white, peaceful and cottage-style. I really love the wood treatment in the master bedroom. I feel that we could get away with less since the millwork adds such character.

For both projects, I love that the families let me have fun with the art and I could hang a mix of new and old paintings. I pretty much had carte blance as long as I stayed in budget, so it was fun!

See more of this peaceful cottage in the slideshow.