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A married couple with grown children and a couple grandkids wanted a modern beach house in Newport Beach where their family could spend time together that wasn’t “ornate or too beachy.” Luckily, they hired Brooke Wagner, of Brooke Wagner Designs, to design their home from the very start of the architectural design process. She says, “A lot of the initial inspiration came from the exterior of the home. We brought the same lines and modern feel to the interior.” She also purposefully selected neutral textiles in a variety of textures to warm up the interior and create a comfy look and feel. “Being a modern home, the house did not need a lot of accessories. Our client wanted to keep it minimal and clean. This was an area they were able to save and it gave them more flexibility to invest in great quality, high-end furniture pieces.”

Brooke appreciated her client’s trust, especially after a warped material caused a last-minute change in the ground level’s flooring. She says, “The downstairs charcoal floor tile is something we went back and forth on, with different tiles from light gray basalt to the oversized charcoal pavers that we ended up choosing.” Some would shy away from the dramatic statement but the variegated rug brightens the space and plays off the living room’s statement fireplace, which is clad in ultra-thin slabs of Polycor’s White Cherokee marble from their historic Georgia marble quarry.

Brooke also used Polycor marble to create a bench adjacent to the fireplace and in the open kitchen on the island, counters, and backsplash. She credits Polycor’s “beautiful, unique stone in custom-cut large slab sizes for the large waterfall island and great room fireplace” with uniting the large space. “When you walk in the front door it opens up to the Great Room/Kitchen/Dining so it was important that all these spaces flowed nicely and worked together.”

See how Brooke created a united but not “too beachy” beach home in the slideshow!