Being a California based publication, it’s no surprise one of our favorite getaways is a weekend in Wine Country. But while sitting by the vineyard is always relaxing, for a long time winery design wasn’t exactly at the top of our inspiration boards. That has all changed in the past few years, with more and more wineries really finding their own unique style. 

That’s certainly true for the recently completed Kosta Browne Winery’s tasting room known as “The Gallery.” A collaboration between Wade Design Architects and Jennifer Robin Interiors, the space is designed around showcasing the winemaking process. Architect Luke Wade says, “Kosta Browne knew they wanted to create a mezzanine space overlooking a fermentation room and considerable time was spent contemplating the psychological impact of the journey up to the main space. It’s purposefully a bit of a maze to heighten a sense of accessing a more exclusive area.” 

As the client wanted to honor great craftsmanship in all forms, inspiration for the interiors came from classic mid-century American and English gentlemen’s clubs. Designer Jennifer Macdonald says, “I found further inspiration in the design of gentlemen’s clubs and the tailored business suits you might find there with their rich color palettes, patterns and textures of tweeds, wools, leathers, houndstooth and plaid prints.  We blended these classic design elements with more modern pieces to create a rich and timeless design.” These pieces included vintage Dutch cubistic armchairs in a patinated cognac leather, the hand stitched Overgaard and Dyrvan dining chairs and a custom tasting table made by local artist Statsky Design using St. Helena elm. 

This isn’t the first collaboration between Jennifer and Luke’s firms. He says, “There is an ease that comes with many shared successes, and I think our firms have that. Whenever Jen and I are able to both study something together, and bring our different points of view and skill sets to bear, a simple yet profound thing happens. We start to see how to support a common vision in the overlap of our sensibilities, and chart a shared path.” 

See The Gallery at Kosta Browne Winery in the slideshow!