One glance around San Francisco’s newest wine bar/ shop Verjus reveals inspiration far beyond the traditional French bistro. While the red for the high-gloss ceiling was a nod to traditional French wine bar color palette, co-founder Lindsay Tusk points to “the high-fidelity atmospheres of some of Europe’s most beloved casual drinking destinations, specifically the Parisian caves à manger, San Sebastián’s pintxos bars, and Venice’s cicchetterias.” These vibrant, casual places serve as both design inspiration but also describe the feel Lindsay and her husband/co-founder Michael aimed to emulate, only adapted to San Francisco today. 

That’s why antiques and vintage furnishings, home goods, and accessories from France and Italy share space with a record player. Located in San Francisco’s Jackson Square neighborhood, Verjus combines two formerly separate spaces that now comprise the bar a vin (wine bar) and the cave (wine shop), connected by a sliding glass door. 

The building itself has a storied history that makes it a well-suited setting for a wine bar and shop. Once known as the Eclipse Champagne Building, the structure is named after the West Coast’s first attempt at producing sparkling wine circa 1874. Lindsay collaborated with Jensen Architects to combines the two spaces, formerly a restaurant and an office. Lindsay says, “Design elements such as vintage mid-century Italian light fixtures, the burgundy ceiling, Lindsay Lang encaustic tile, and locally-sourced elm millwork from local artisan Michael Mellon unite the bar a vinand cave so that they translate as one concept.” 

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