Mountain homes often conjure images of plaid bedding, rod iron details, and lots of log furniture. Not the case with this modern ski lodge by the Canadian design team at Les Ensembliers. With Richard Ouellette at the helm (he’s got over 25 years experience in all sectors of design, including fashion, styling, event planning and interior design), it’s obvious upon first glance that this Mont-Tremblant home isn’t your typical mountain home.

This was the third home that Richard and Les Ensembliers had designed for the client, a young family with two girls. They’d purchased the home as a weekend ski retreat, and it began as a modern white box. They loved the minimal and modern aesthetic, but hoped to make it feel more warm and welcoming for their weekends away.

Richard used wood to bring the space the warmth it needed. They incorporated wood walls in each room along with a new fireplace wall, built custom library bookcases, custom integrated wood headboards, and created custom wood furniture to scale of the house to set the mood of the modern ski lodge.

Luxurious textiles like cashmere and wool made a big difference as well. Cashmere wool curtains were integrated in every room, serving as a nice juxtaposition to the hard edge contemporary metal framed windows. All furnishings and rugs are custom pieces, again with a warm wool hand. “Every surface is created to feel like a warm blanket and embrace when coming in from in the cold winter ski days,” Richard explains. “To be able to create cashmere curtains all around this home was a beautiful splurge…its like living in a Brunello Cuccinelli add every day.”

Though we’re nearing the end of ski season, this is a home we’ll admire year round.