When a soon to be retired couple purchased this clean modern home in Taichung City, Taiwan, they wanted it to reflect their love of nature. The contractor had already put in trees on the balcony which served as inspiration for the rest of the design. They solicited the help of RIS Interior Design to transform a boxy, clean space into a warm and cozy second home for them and their two daughters.

RIS Interior Design knew that wood would be the focus of the project. They incorporated various types, including Paulownia wood for the focal wall behind the sofa. The homeowners were excited at the idea of the warmth brought in from all of the natural materials, but were concerned about the space feeling too much like a birdhouse. The team at RIS Design decided that bright white walls and gray textiles for the rug and sofa would balance out all of the wood. In the end the home feels like a peaceful retreat high up away from the chaos of the city.