A model home. Once typically a beige box, now model homes often genuinely showcase the possibilities of the space. Such is the case in this Park City model, designed by Barclay Butera Interiors. We talked to Barclay himself to learn more.

What sparked your interest in interior design?
In my early years I was lucky to work for my mother who is also an interior designer and did a lot of work in the model home industry. Many people don’t know this about me, but I actually went to law school prior to opening my own design firm in 1994. I quickly learned that career was not for me, and went back to work for my mother. I truly started from the ground up, sorting fabric samples and tracking orders. The knowledge that I learned and background in design while working for my mother is what gave me the confidence to start my own firm. I also attribute my work ethic to my mother and all those days working alongside her. She is still designing to this day!

How did you get involved with this project and what were your client’s requests for the space?
Because of our presence and showroom in the center of Park City Utah, we are blessed to work with local developers in the area. Park City has grown incredibly since I started visiting 20 years ago and the growth continues with families purchasing primary and secondary homes in this beautiful key destination. We were contacted by the developers for Victory Ranch to be the exclusive interior designer for their 300 plus residences. The style in Park City has shifted into a more transitional look, blending traditional shapes with modern clean lines and neutral tones. The developers wanted to provide this updated approach yet with the warmth our designs bring to a space. We kept the model versatile while incorporating signature Barclay Butera elements such as animal print and layered fabrics.

What design direction did you take with the project?
When you walk into the model my team and I designed for Victory Ranch, it’s easy to forget that you’re in the open wilderness of the rural Utah back country —and that’s just the idea. I wanted to create a chic yet casual atmosphere by utilizing materials common in mountain homes while also introducing very modern and industrial elements. The soaring glass windows and beautiful beams of local reclaimed wood are the bones of the sanctuary while the metal collar ties, concrete counter tops and steel strap detailing on the fireplace set the tone for a more urban ambiance. With uninterrupted scenic outlooks from every room I maintained the warmth of the space by layering a variety of textures and roughhewn finds; including hair-on-hide benches, distressed leather lounge chairs, fur throws and horned accessories. By combining these elements with a muted color palette and low profile seating, the seamless marriage of traditional and contemporary continues resulting in a unique and inspiring setting perfect for taking in all the natural beauty that abounds.

See the whole model home in the slideshow where we share Barclay’s inspiration and process!