This exquisite property belongs to a composer and producer, known for producing some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters over the last twenty years. His passion for technology and penchant for a futuristic aesthetic not only shows up in his award-winning movies, but in his desire to live in a space that has a modern, innovative and open aesthetic. He turned to June Street Architecture to create the home of his dreams. Their team tells us more:

We’d love to know a bit more about this home!
The home was newly constructed and is in Los Angeles, CA. The goal was to build a permanent residence that is centrally located and that reflected the homeowners’ aesthetics and interests. We focused on creating a modern type style, with new innovative approaches in our design. 

Indoor/outdoor living plays a big part but it still feels quite formal. How did you strike the balance?
Many of the spaces, indoor and outdoor, are completely open to each other in plan. In a similar way, the stone spine and the water feature that completely bisects the entire home, also helps to further define public and private areas inside the house and frames/formally separates indoor from outdoor. This plan allows direct movement and flow through the stone spine. 

We used 15′ floor to ceiling windows that we positioned at the end of corridors to bring light in and further embrace the indoor/outdoor feel.

Did this project have any big challenges?
The biggest challenge was establishing privacy from adjacent homes and nearby apartment structures. We overcame this by creating an interior courtyard and plan layout, alongside a strategic and mature landscape. 

Finally, what do you love most about this home?
We have a few favorite moments in the home. Our favorite moment by far is the walk across the bridge above the calming movement of the water. Another strong moment of the home are the deepened thresholds as you pass from the entry bridge into the living room. We also love the various textured stones that we used on the indoor/outdoor floors, pools, bathroom/shower walls, and the powder room.