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Today’s home tour brings us to Cumberland, Maine, where designer Tyler Karu crafted a beautiful modern farmhouse for a young family she’s known for many years. Though the couple has two small children and another one on the way, they weren’t afraid of working with a new construction. “They were well versed in the construction process, as the husband develops real estate,” Tyler explains.

“Their goals for the house were to have ample, functional space for their family, while creating an environment that felt warm and inviting,” she recalls. “It’s a large home, but by space planning appropriately, it doesn’t feel cold or formal. Every room is well used and serves a practical purpose.” The house, which is on a large wooded lot, plays a lot off of its locale. “The house was designed to take advantage of the beautiful mature trees surrounding the home,” Tyler says. “The lot wasn’t overly cleared out, as often seen in new construction. It’s a modern farmhouse that stylistically resonates perfectly with its surroundings.”

The designer concludes, “My favorite moment in the home is the way the scale and proportion of the elements of the great room work together. The furnishings are sprawling and comfortable, while the architectural elements, windows, beams, lighting, all relate to one another in a way that just works.”

Tyler tells us more about the design in the slideshow.