When two apartments in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood were purchased by a couple (he’s in finance, she’s in the design business) to be converted into their home, they solicited the help of Stefanie Brechbuehler and Nadine Lynch of Workstead. Located right next to one of the oldest stone buildings in the neighborhood, their apartment’s modern, white box look, felt out of place from its surroundings.

The main concern was to “unify the contradiction of a modern apartment in a landmark area,” explained the Workstead team. The goal was clear and it was just about determining how they’d achieve that. Their method was not to take over the whole project themselves, having a heavy hand in every detail of the home but to set up the space that allowed other designers’ work shine. The home was treated like a gallery, where one of a kind pieces by artisans could be the center-focus.

In the bedroom, for example, Workstead collaborated with Asher Israelow for all of the freestanding and built-in pieces in the room. The dresser was given special drawers for the wife to organize her jewelry, just like another one was made for the husband to display his watches. The bed itself was also designed to serve the couples needs – special compartments for places to store and rest laptops and iPads, and drawers on rollers to be moved around the room if so desired.

Throughout the renovation process, the couple, who was awaiting their first born child, stayed in the apartment, witnessing front and center the progress of their home. What they ended up with was something that exceeded their expectations — tailored, but filled with interest thanks to the collaboration between the Workstead designers and the talented artists and makers to come up with one-of-a-kind pieces.