When you view an interior by designer Tina Ramchandani, the sophisticated global influence is instantly apparent. The up and coming designer has quite an impressive resume thus far, with training at top Manhattan design firms Frank & Marcotullio Design Associates and Vicente Wolf Associates, and credits her world travels for quite a bit of her inspiration. Her modern aesthetic is bold and memorable, yet magically welcoming and livable. Today, she invites us to one of her more recent projects – a modern bachelor pad in Manhattan’s East Village. The client had worked with Tina before, and knew she would deliver the crisp, minimal look he desired. With bold artwork taking center stage and one incredible bar cart, we think anyone would be excited to call this place home. We wanted to know more about the project… and snagged some of Tina’s top tips along the way.

The space is beautiful, Tina! What can you tell us about the client?
My client is in his early 30’s, works in finance and has a passion for music. He moved to the East Village from Chelsea as he wanted to explore the downtown neighborhoods further and was looking for a change. [He] works long hours, travels a lot, and wanted a comfortable, fully designed home he could come home to after a strenuous day at the office. He prefers a modern, minimal design that feels complete.

You nailed the modern & minimal design. We love it! What was the space like before you got started?

The apartment was move-in ready, and as it was already painted white we had a great canvas to work from.

The best kind of beginning, if you ask us! Did he keep any of his existing furniture?

We started from scratch. I had previously designed the client’s Chelsea apartment and he wanted to a new, fresh look.

What was the original inspiration, and do you feel it stuck throughout the project?

Our original vision was greys, neutrals and clean lines. We stuck pretty close to those ideas.

Though we hate to bring it up, did you encounter any challenges along the way?
The biggest challenge was finding the perfect sofa. Because we don’t have too much furniture, and we were going for a minimal look, the sofa was going to be the star of the living room. We needed something large enough to seat several people, with a modern mid-century look. We were very particular about the shade of gray we were looking for, the leg style and the cushions, so I must have seen 50 sofas before we decided on this one! It’s a custom fabric on a True Modern sectional, and this particular fabric was only available at a shop in Brooklyn.

We know it’s a hard question, but do you have a favorite feature in the home?

Other than the serene color palette in the living room, the bar cart is my favorite. Most of the home is minimal and uncluttered. I wanted to create a customized look for this particular client, and as he loves to entertain, the bar cart was our number one priority. The cart is completely filled and helps the space to feel lived in, because of the books and objects on display. The brass metal also adds a warm touch, next to the greys and blacks throughout the living space. I love creating modern looks with a global perspective, and we achieved this with the layers in our bar cart display.

We’ll admit, we love that bar cart a great deal! Now, we can tell artwork plays a HUGE part in the space. How did you go about selecting what to display?
We needed several large pieces for this space, due to the large white walls, so I searched almost everywhere! We luckily found a piece made of several pieces of wood which vaguely resembles piano keys, which we placed over the bed. Since the client has a passion for music, this felt personal and fit the home well. We customized the size and shades of wood for this particular room.

For this client I wanted to add more paintings to the home, rather than photographs, to add texture to the space. In the living room we were looking for something much larger, which is difficult to find. After speaking to a few art consultants we decided to have something custom made, that fit the space and our client’s personality. We’re very happy with the result!

We wanted something with history in the office, as most items in the home are new and quite modern. We searched high and low and finally found the perfect French poster, at a large size.

Finally, many of our readers often ask how they can bring more artwork into their own homes. Any advice?
Scale is key. Search for pieces that will fill enough of your space to make an impact. I like to allow breathing room around art pieces, so they feel important in the space. Don’t crowd pieces with a lot of furniture or other competing pieces of art. And have fun with it! Art is where you can add your personality to your space.

Great advice, indeed! Thank you for sharing the space with us, Tina!

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