Each couple is unique, and what drives the design of their home is specific to them. For this couple with two young children, it was key that their new apartment be focused around their collection of artwork. Having just opened a gallery in the Mission District that focuses on works by local artists, they wanted their home to reflect their love of art. With the help of interior designer Lynn K. Leonidas, they were able to make their newly renovated Victorian apartment a home that highlighted their prized works.

From the furnishings, to the decor, down to the kitchenware, Lynn outfitted their home to the minutest detail. Bringing in shades of deep greens and blues, she kept to a classic mid-century color scheme. She even had one of the bedrooms painted in avocado green–a nod to the late 60s’ color tastes. Fabrics by Josed Frank, a renowned Scandinavian designer, completed the midcentury message.

What Lynn understood the best was that this couple appreciated quality materials and craft. With millwork by Kaimade Woodworking already in place in the form of the built-in entry bench, as well as the dining room banquette and bookcase, she brought in furnishings and accessories that had the same respect for material and form. The Arne Jacobsen Swan Chair in the living room serves as a classic that will stand the test of time. And even the choice of ceramic pieces, from the vase on the bedside table to the dishware in the kitchen are hand-crafted. All creating a seamless transition from artwork to decor to furniture.