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It’s time for one of our favorite traditions! Each year, we spend the holidays reflecting on the stories and articles you loved most. It’s the “Best of Rue” and this is one of 2019’s top stories. Enjoy!

Previously published on February 14, 2019:

Real estate agent and founder of Tam Home Team, Rose De Angelo is a 3rd generation Mill Valley native. After searching for the right place for her and her young daughter to settle into, she came across a dark, dated 3 bedroom/2.5 bath home built in the ’60s that needed a full makeover but had lots of potential. She hired the help of Johanna Vente Anderson and Fiona Bronte Burr of Saffron + Poe to deliver the home she always dreamt of.

The most crucial change was to bring in a lot more natural light to the space. “The windows were expanded to showcase the stunning view of the San Francisco Bay, creating an overall feeling of indoor/outdoor living in the main living space,” the designers explained. The windows were not the only things in the home that we expanded. “Many Mill Valley homes are built on steep hills and have a large sloped area underneath with only dirt and supports,” they said. “Together with our client, we turned this unused area into a beautiful master unit with a stunning view, private deck, and its own bathroom!” The last major structural change they made to the home was to paint the original dark redwood vaulted ceiling in Simply White by Benjamin Moore. “This simple alteration transformed the space, making it feel much more open and helping to draw the eye out to the expansive view beyond,” they shared.

The materials used in the home were very carefully selected and were chosen for their organic, raw textures. In fact, Rose insisted that she wanted tile from local brand Heath Ceramics included somewhere in the space. The designers of Saffron + Poe decided that a gray brick backsplash by Heath Ceramics would work perfectly with the soapstone countertops. Walnut millwork in the kitchen and bathroom were paired with half-moon hardware by Sarah Sherman Samuel.

As for the decor, Johanna and Fiona wanted to bring in their company’s passion for artisan-made pieces. “Since our design visions were so aligned, Rose gave us full reign to select many new furniture pieces, rugs, lighting, and accessories,” they said. “We wanted the organic quality of the home’s materials to be continued in the furnishings, while also adding in a curated and well-traveled feel.” The bench in the master bedroom, dining chairs in the dining area, and lounge chairs in the living room are all examples of Saffron + Poe’s own pieces handcrafted in Bali. “In the end, Rose was blown away by the final result that she threw a viewing party with cocktails and appetizers to share the transformation with all of her loved ones.”