Because of its location in the mountains of Jerusalem, Israel, where the landscape feels like it could be in Italy or France, this home for a family of 7 (that’s right, 5 kids!) was designed with a Mediterranean feel in mind. From the very first stages, designer Merav Sade was part of the design process, working with the architectural firm to build the home from scratch. Along with the fact that the family owned a manufacturing company that can make pretty much anything, this gave Merav a lot of opportunities to run with any idea that fit the concept.

The family’s personal style is all about comfort and convenience. While they did want to make sure that every family member could enjoy privacy in their respective rooms, they wanted to make sure that the shared communal spaces also be well designed and inviting for those moments when the whole family comes together. Worn materials and textures in the kitchen and living room reflect the countryside surrounding them. This home is located in a “moshav” — a type of settlement which resembles a village — where each resident owns a plot of land for dwelling and another plot for agricultural cultivation. With its heritage and location in mind, the design included lots of natural materials.

Merav also made a few bold choices to bring character to the design. She decided to tile the long hallway in the home with pretty blue tiles and design a quirky iron bookcase — manufactured by her client — for above the desk. We love the stylish relaxed details of the throw pillows, lounge seating and accessories that make the home feel not just well-designed by also cozy. The homeowners fell in love with the space and the house — they enjoy both living in it and hosting friends and family,