With funky signature heels and a rainbow of colors, Dopp City shoes are the perfect blend of unexpected statement and classic style. While they aren’t exactly a spur-of-the-moment purchase, these shoes are meticulously crafted to last. Founder Shayla Dopp studied fashion in Paris for a year before returning home to work as a stylist and production designer for years before finding the art of shoemaking.

Shayla grew up surrounded by artists and craftspeople. “From my aunt Susan Marie Dopp’s magical walls and art to my mother’s blue eyes to my dad’s stained-glass nightlights I was always taking it in. Funny thing is I had no idea how into color I was until I started building this brand. I started with an Instagram account not knowing what it was going to be yet but I just needed color and form to be something I was putting into the world and then came the soft trade of shoemaking and that was it for me.”

Now Dopp City has just opened their first showroom, in the heart of downtown Berkeley. Shayla says, “The store has been an incredible vessel to create my dream, the big arched windows, being surrounded by fantastic food and the arts has all added to the appeal. I have been really inspired recently by the palatial sitting rooms of ancient Greece and the extraordinary color palettes of Pompeii’s frescoes and getting to put that inspiration into a space was so rewarding.”

The space is teeny-tiny, just a small room off a with large arched, paned windows and rows upon rows of shoes but Shayla added playful touches and a powerful whop of paint to reflect the brand’s colorful outlook. She says, “The space also had to reflect the experience of putting on one of my shoes, comfortable, colorful with a touch of whimsy.”

See Dopp City’s showroom in the slideshow!