“This project was a great study in the power of furniture and decor to transform a space,” said Gillian Segal, the designer in charge of this home’s transformation. Her clients, a couple that had recently been married and had a baby on the way, had purchased this bungalow in Vancouver’s Pemberton Heights neighborhood, built in 1939. Their plan was to live in it as-is for a couple of years before they eventually tear it down to build their new home. With that in mind, they didn’t want to invest in making too big of an investment in the re-design of their home and hired Gillian and her team to deal with cosmetic changes and decor.

“The house is about 2,000 square-feet and our scope included the living room, office, guest room, nursery, and some more minor work throughout the rest of the home,” she explained. “We got rid of existing furniture and focused more on what we could add to enhance the space.” In terms of changes to the bungalow itself, work was limited to painting, wallpapering, and changing light fixtures. Gillian also had window coverings created to dress up the home and provide both light and privacy management.

However, the true concept of the home’s re-design came together in the decor. “We wanted to create something that was unique, and that bridged the gap between the heritage of their home and their modern lifestyle,” she told us. “We wanted to add laid back drama to the space, so we therefore really focused on materiality and shape.” To maximize the impact of the furniture, Gillian advises finding a talented upholsterer. “We had our upholsterer custom make the curved sofa in the living room so that it could fit perfectly in our space and work for our clients’ needs,” she added. In fact, curved lines play a huge role in this project’s design to soften the overall look. In the office, for example, she found a budget solution to providing artwork that fits within the scheme of rounded edges. “We made our own art such as the circular piece in the office,” Gillian said. “We had a large round canvas made and simply painted it white, and painted the edge in a contrast color.”

The second important component of the home’s design was that it had to be kid-friendly. “While we were working on the project, they got pregnant with their first child and expanded the scope to include a nursery,” Gillian smiled. “We transformed a small unused landing on the second floor into the sweetest little nursery nook.” Besides creating a unique space for her clients’ baby-on-the-way, the designer selected performance fabrics for all of the upholstered pieces. The spherical pillows on the sofa are another fun yet useful choice that she made: “They loved their home and told us how special the nursery is to them. I get regular photo updates of their kids (since completing the project, they’ve had another child) playing with the spherical pillows – they’re pretty and functional!”