“Sarah and Craig are both lawyers and have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy,” designer Bailey Austin says of her clients. “They purchased this home 5 years prior and wanted to open up the first floor and most importantly have a functional kitchen.” A major remodel was in order, including an addition at the back of the house. There’s now a mudroom, which opens right into the family-dining-kitchen space. “It has become the heart of the home,” Bailey shares. Upstairs, there’s a new master suite that spans the distance of the first floor addition, and serves as a an amazing retreat within the home. We sat down with Bailey to learn more about this project: 

What was your first impression of this home?
It was a beautiful historic home that was full of love and ready for the new home owners to make it their own. Basically we knew we needed to take off everything on the first floor from the stairs back and start over with a new space. We knew we needed to open up the spaces and get some more natural light into the house. The original kitchen was the tiniest kitchen ever and had zero natural light. The original kitchen was more or less re-purposed into the butler’s pantry and then we added on to the house to provide the right space and scale for the kitchen, dining and living. Those are all part of the addition which dramatically changed the whole feel of the house.  

When tackling a major renovation like this, what is your first order of business? How do you begin crafting your vision?
FUNCTION! Young families need flow. We need to maximize our spaces with function and still allow everyone to be together, especially allowing mom’s watchful eye to see everyone. Most importantly we want the flow to promote joyful family living. Also, light, I try to get as much natural light into a space as possible.

Were there any challenges with this project, and if so, how did you overcome them?
Old houses always have their challenges! We had to replace all of the electrical and install all new HVAC. The renovation was so extensive the homeowners had to move out of the house for almost a year. We provided the architectural and interior design services so we were able to do most of the coordination in house. The contractor was J&H Construction and they did a fabulous job with great attention to detail.

 Do you have a favorite room or moment in the home?
The son’s bathroom was one of my favorite rooms. The husband was an eagle scout and some of his fondest memories from his childhood was his time spent at Philmont, the Boy Scout camp in New Mexico. We surprised him and wallpapered his sons bathroom in maps of Philmont.

Also love the painting in the living room. There were lots of surprises in this family.  Everyone is thoughtful and sweet. The husband, Craig, surprised his wife with the painting when they moved in. They love New Mexico and found the painting together on a trip. I love the way the painting ties the whole room together.