Interior designers Jamie Hamilton and Greer Nelson of Oliver Simon Design were thrilled when their previous clients called them to work on their new home. This first project was completed when the homeowners were newlyweds with a baby on the way. Now, with an expanding family, they soon realized that a downtown loft no longer suited them and purchased a heritage home on a charming tree-lined street in Vancouver’s West End neighborhood. “When a client comes back for a second or third project we love it,” Jamie shared. “Not only does it mean that they were happy with what we did, but there is an established trust on both sides that makes working together just that much better.”

Having already been renovated a few years prior, the house was in decent condition. However, there was definitely a need for several updates and more storage – a key factor in any happy home for a family. “They wanted it to be open, bright, and functional,” the designer said. “It needed new floors and a couple of bathroom updates, as well as an updated and functional kitchen.” The most dramatic change was achieved by installing new flooring – a honey-toned wide plank oak option, sourced from Pheonix Hardwood Floors. “The color was perfect for this home,” she added, “not too light or too dark, just right.”

As for the new kitchen, Jamie and Greer were careful not to extend its footprint too far, deciding that a custom buffet in the same color as the kitchen cabinets with a dining table would be more suitable for their clients’ daily needs. “Above it, we created a dramatic grouping of open shelves that doubled as an art wall,” Jamie said. “We added a collection of vintage paintings that gave the room some quirky interest. The clients were worried about the shelves not being stacked in the center, but thankfully they were trusting and let us mount them staggered and off-center which we think adds to the drama of this wall.”

To ensure that the project was within budget and finished in a short time-frame – it was completed in just three months – the designers decided to be conservative about the bathroom updates. “We kept the bathroom counters and sinks and simply installed new cabinetry,” Jamie explained. “We updated the floor and wall tile in the master ensuite but kept the existing bathtub. We tried to save as much of the existing finishes as we could so that we might stretch the budget as far as it would go.” With some significant yet not too invasive changes, they were able to get their clients into their new home as soon as possible. “When we have repeat clients we really love to pull out all of the stops,” she smiled.