In a rare tale, designer Nyla Free knew her cailling right from high school. She says, “I attended interior design school (with a nudge from my mother) right after graduating grade 12, and the rest is history. I love design and all things creative. At the age of 18 I didn’t fully appreciate the world of interior design however I did realize the impact it could have on people and their spaces, specifically residential. The aesthetics and function of a space have a psychological impact on our day to day lives and I love bringing homes to life with this in mind.” Today she’s sharing a recently completed project that is calm and simple, but never boring.

Who was the client for this project and what were their requests for the space?
Our clients are a professional couple who have a huge heart for animals. They currently have two rescue dogs, Mollie and Moe, with their door wide open for more if needed. With this, the dogs were considered in most decisions, from durability to cleanability of each item and fabric. From there, the selections were based on function and comfort with an end goal of a layered, fun loving, eclectic environment more in line with our client’s personalities.

Any requirements the client requested?
A definite requirement was a specific place for the dogs to sleep that wasn’t the principal bed. This resulted in a custom daybed for Mollie and Moe to curl up in at the end of the day. The piece is designed specifically for the dogs with a white washed ash frame, genuine leather “mattress” with bolsters at each end to rest their heads.

Our client also loves plants, of which there were several in each room. Ranging from all sizes, large and small, this was another component to consider when pulling the rooms together.

See the whole home in the slideshow!