For Chicago fashion blogger Blair Staky, personal style is not just a way to express herself, but a career. The Texas native shares her fashion sense, lifestyle inspiration, and other musings on The Fox & She — a gorgeous blog with a name inspired by her adorable shiba inu, Oliver. Her style is enviable yet attainable, resulting in thousands of fans across the globe.

Blair says, “If I had to give a name to my style, I’d call it modern eclectic. And maybe a touch bohemian!” And as expected, her home matches her fashion sense. Lucky for us, photographer Aimee Mazzenga captured the space beautifully — and we get to take a tour. Below, Blair tells us a bit more about her home:

Hi Blair! Thank you for inviting us to your space. Tell us a bit about the apartment!
I live in a downtown neighborhood of Chicago called Streeterville with my husband, Rob, and our shiba inu, Oliver. We moved to the neighborhood three years ago because we wanted the high-rise living experience and have been in our current place for two years. 

What was your initial inspiration for the design and decor? What aesthetic/vibe did you have in mind?
When decorating our space, I found a lot of inspiration from designers with a casual, relaxed and California (that’s what I’m calling it) vibe. Ironically, I’ve never lived in California, but I’ve found that I’m really attracted to bright spaces, white walls, pops of color and texture & pattern that are inviting, but not stuffy! Because I work from home too, it made having an inspiring and comfortable home even more important. I absolutely love color and I’ve used a lot of it in our home without it being overwhelming. I love that when I walk in to our home, I’m instantly at peace (if it’s clean at least!). 

Could you “walk us” through the space, and tell us a little bit about each area? Our place is small, but has floor to ceiling windows on two sides that make it feel much more spacious. When you first walk in, you pass our gallery wall and then you’re immediately dropped into the kitchen/dining/living room area. Since these spaces all blend together, I wanted the design to flow from “room” to “room” even though it’s really all one big room. 

The gallery wall is gorgeous. Are there any special or meaningful pieces included?
Thank you! The gallery wall is full of different pieces I’ve collected over the years. There’s a sweet photo of my dad when he was a kid, a needle-point piece that my great grandmother made, some wedding photos, a portrait of Oliver painted by my friend Cheney Beshara, a poem that Rob’s grandpa wrote for us as a wedding gift and other pieces that I’ve found on Etsy or markets. I love that all these things tell a little bit of a story about us and where we come from. 

The bedroom is so calming! How did you decide on the palette?
I have to agree! For the longest time, this rug was layered over a jute rug in the living room and the pink one was in our bedroom. It never felt quite right and then one day I decided to just switch the two and everything clicked! It was one of those happy accidents that leaves you thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this before!” The pink rug flows with the rest of the living space and the darker, Turkish rug gives our bedroom a totally different feel. 

Do you have any favorite moments or pieces in your home?
I mentioned a few of my favorite pieces above, but another one of my favorite pieces is the Turkish rug in our bedroom. We purchased it on our trip to Istanbul a few years ago and I absolutely love the colors! The quality is amazing too! I also love the Barcelona chair in our living room, the Wishbone chairs in our dining room and our leather barstools. Hmm, I guess I might be equally as obsessed with chairs as I am with rugs?

Lastly, I love our coffee table. It’s a piece of raw-edge wood that I purchased, stained and attached hairpin legs! I made it when I first moved to Chicago five years ago and it still looks great! It was such an easy DIY and it’s one of our most unique pieces. (EDITOR’S NOTE: You can find more info on the table here.)

Since you’re a bit of a shopping expert, what are some of your favorite resources for home decor?
Our pieces are from all over the place, but I do have some favorites! For furniture, CB2, Rove Concepts, & MegMade (local Chicago furniture). For rugs, decor and accessories, Lulu & Georgia, West Elm, Anthropologie (especially for the kitchen & bath), Etsy & Minted (for art!).

Finally, what do you love most about your place?
The best thing about our place is definitely the abundance of natural light!  Winter is long and grey in Chicago, so any extra sunlight I can get is good!

For a closer look at Blair’s space, start the slideshow. And be sure to check out her blog here!