Molly Kidd is one half of the founding team of the interior design studio Light & Dwell – she makes up the creative side, while co-founder Aymee Kuhlman is their Business Director. Working on spaces all over the country, Molly was thrilled to finally take on her own home as a project. “Our family dream was to live in the country, with an acre or so of property,” she shared. “We are a young family, with three young kids all under six, and we’re always having people over. We love ‘simple’ living and really enjoy the outdoors. We bought the property from some of our good friends who live next door to us and we’re raising our families out here together. We knew we wanted to build our forever home out here next to friends.”

Starting from scratch, Molly was able to design the home to their exact specifications. “The home is 2800 square-feet with three bedrooms, three baths, and my studio over the garage,” she said. “We built the home, so everything is new!” The designer knew that she wanted it to pay homage to its bucolic setting but didn’t want it to feel too literal. Instead, she decided upon giving it a European farmhouse aesthetic, which included elements that were a bit more earthy and timeless.

For example, the kitchen’s whole design was derived from a cherished purchase that Molly made: an un-lacquered brass bridge faucet from DeVol Kitchens in England. Simple yet with a classic feel, it then informed her other decisions that she made for the kitchen. “We took a risk by putting no uppers or open shelves in our kitchen,” she said with a smile. “I was really nervous about not having enough storage, but I wanted our kitchen handmade tile to really shine, and it did. I love how open and textured it feels.” The cabinets were sourced from SemiHandmade which offered a custom look without the massive expense. “Our kitchen is my favorite space in the home,” she said. “I love how ‘us’ it feels.”

For the rest of the home’s design, Molly struck a balance between including quality materials and selecting kid-friendly furniture pieces. “We sourced materials that felt natural, warm, and timeless,” she explained. “Our floors are a warm white oak, we have greige kitchen cabinets with black leathered granite countertops and handmade tile everywhere.” As for practicality her sofa has a washable slipcover, many of the tables are rounded, and she used plenty of books for decor which are nearly impossible to break – all that can withstand the wear and tear of use by young children.

From when Molly purchased the lot to when they moved in, eighteen months had passed. “The design has impacted my daily life in so many ways,” she said. “I’m able to work mostly from home, have room for my kids to run around, and live in my dream home. I am super thankful.”