Owning a vacation home on Lake Eufala was a dream come true for designer and blogger Rachel Shingelton. Located two hours from their primary residence in Oklahoma City, Rachel and her family knew they wanted to dedicated the majority of the square footage to the share living spaces, the kitchen, living room, and dining room that make up the heart of the home. So when their house came available on the market, they fell instantly in love with the open floor plan. Rachel shares her design process below. See her lake home in the slideshow!

You were looking for an open plan home. How did the openness of the main area affect your design of the space?
As much as everyone loves the idea of an open floor plan, it’s definitely a challenge to delineate each space. Plus, we have some odd architecture quirks to contend with. I like things to be somewhat symmetrical but the way our windows are arranged don’t really allow for it. Plus it’s a smaller space – you have to be careful about maximizing the number of people you can seat or entertain comfortably. Our previous living room furniture didn’t have enough seating options and inevitably someone would end up sitting on the couch with everyone else awkwardly perched on a barstool

The space is so bright and airy. How did you ensure your design works well for a family?
For the overall redesign of the living room, I wanted everything to be able to handle high traffic and put up with lake house living. In other words, lots of swimsuits, sand and dirt, kids, snow cones, and dogs. But it still needed to be light and airy. Our aesthetic is beach inspired due to plenty of time spent on either coast, but still with a nod to the region we’re located in. Bright and white, but with lots of chambray and navy and pops of color here and there. I wanted it to feel calm and cool – Oklahoma summers are hot hot hot!

What are your favorite elements of the space?
I love the details the most. Things like the Roman shades in the front windows – they provide visual interest but are a great practical way to provide privacy and energy efficiency. And the library sconces make me happy; the light they put out in the evenings makes the whole room glow softly. They’re like the perfect jewelry for the room. The built-in shelves were custom made for me by a local artisan; previously it was an awkward nook but the shelves are functional and a great way to display all kinds of things. I’m forever styling and restyling them just for the heck of it. The swivel chairs from Huntington House are my family’s favorite. I told my husband it was good that we got a pair of them because they are the comfiest chairs ever. We love drinking coffee in the morning and chatting while the kids run in and out to the boardwalk just outside our front door.