For designer Megan Hopp, homeowners Ali and Fred were the dream clients. Organized, motivated and productive, they made it an easy project for her to work on. “One thing I remember Ali saying was that she wanted people to walk in and think, ‘oh there is no way you did this by yourself, a designer must have helped you,'” Megan muses about their first design briefing. “I thought that was one of the nicest and funniest things a client has ever said to me since normally as a designer you end up being a bit like an anonymous decorating fairy godmother,” she continued.

Fred and Ali’s apartment was full of potential, but with a dark blue bedroom wall and heavy traditional furniture, it didn’t exactly fit what their ideal home would look like. Seeing which main pieces they wanted to keep — a beige streamlined sofa and mid-century table lamps (now flanking either side of that sofa) — as well as through conversations with the couple, Megan figured out that they were looking for a bohemian, modern and eclectic aesthetic. She began the decorating process by choosing some of the bigger ticket items. “One of the main pieces that influenced the room was the live edge dining table,” she explained, “it was important to Ali and Fred that we bring in lots of lively raw elements and textures, and landing on that table really set the scene for the rest of the room.” She then layered in accessories 

But it wasn’t just Megan showing her clients a few design tricks. Ali showed Megan a new type of pendant lamp that doesn’t require hard-wiring and instead, uses battery power, allowing it to be placed anywhere in the room. “The fixture itself isn’t the prettiest, but the hardware and function is genius, so we were able to swap it out with a large rattan shade from instead,” she said. Although oversized, the pendant designed for IKEA by Ilse Crawford created an attractive as well as economical focal point for the room,

Approaching the end of the project, Megan suggested that her clients invest in accessories. “The one thing the clients splurged on the most it would be all the accent and tabletop decor, it’s all brand new and they have a lot of shelves to fill! So often clients skip this final step because they run out of budget or don’t think it’s quite necessary to finish a space, Ali and Fred committed to seeing the process through and went all out when it came to decor.”