Caitlin Flemming discovered her love of design sooner than most. “Growing up in a family who lived abroad and traveled often, I became aware of my surroundings at an early age. I went with my mom to flea markets and museums and learned to develop a discerning eye that lead me to loving interiors and architecture and it’s affect on how we see the world,” she explains. As the designer refined her craft, that awareness stayed with her. “I am always searching for inspiration that will help to continue to form my aesthetic.”

Today, Caitlin shows off one of her recent projects. The couple — dream clients, as Caitlin describes them — reached out to Homepolish in hopes of completing the design of their recently remodeled San Francisco home. It was a match made in heaven, and Caitlin quickly got to work on the Pacific Heights pad. We’re chatting with the designer to learn more:

Hi Caitlin! Congratulations on another beautiful space. What can you tell us about the clients?
Lauren and Jack were ideal clients. Lauren enjoyed being involved in the design process and had similar aesthetic to my own. They loved the idea of mixing older pieces with modern ones. From the get-go, we wanted to use a neutral palate to allow the space breathing room and to provide a backdrop for their growing collection of art. We went with a black, white, and gray palette that is easy to live with and can look good with pops of color in the art pieces.

What condition was the home in at the start?
When I was brought into the project, the construction was finished and the house was a clean slate for beginning the process of deciding what furnishings to use. Since they had spent so much time and effort building the perfect space, Lauren wanted to make sure that all the details that were picked after the walls were closed had the same amount of precision, attention to detail, and cohesive style. I focused on an aesthetic with clean lines that would help to make the narrow rooms feel generous but that balanced modern with warm and inviting. Lauren didn’t want a cookie-cutter house: she was set on mixing unique, vintage pieces, high-end new, and inexpensive basics.

It’s anything but cookie cutter! Can you walk us through the space?
As you climb the steps of the flat, you arrive in the front of the home which is where the foyer, office and living room reside. There is a hall with doors to the two bedrooms, a light and airy laundry room, and a guest bathroom. In the back of the home is the open concept kitchen, dining room and family room with a full set of windows flooding the space with light.

The home is 2000 square feet. What are some of the design tricks you used to maximize space?
When designing with space in mind, it’s important to keep the palette consistent so the rooms flow into one another. I prefer them to be a lighter color and avoid clutter by having a streamlined style that works throughout the house. For example, in the foyer, we placed a game table that has lucite legs and a glass top. The end result created an airy and open room that doesn’t close in on you. The entire home was painted in Benjamin Moore Winter White and this makes it feel much larger than it actually is.

So wise! For a closer look at Caitlin’s work (and a shopping guide!), start the slideshow below.

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