On the first day of construction at this Georgia home, a tree fell through the roof, wreaking havoc on many of the rooms. “This tree became a blessing in disguise, designers Gabriela Eisenhart and Holly Conlan of WAKE + LOOM tell us. “We were were able to take a lot the rooms down to the bones of the house and really start fresh.”

Located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, the property belongs to a young couple and their two-year-old daughter. They’d just moved in when they contacted WAKE + LOOM, and the place was in good condition, albeit a bit transitional and dated. “Our client really identified with more of an eclectic, modern, West Coast vibe and wanted our help transforming the space while still staying true to its original architecture,” the designers explain.

Since the clients hoped for a space that was light and bright, Gabriela and Holly focused on updating the fireplaces, lighting, and stair railings. “These small structural changes really made a huge improvement on the space,” they share. The project’s timeline was originally slated for 6 months, but the tree obviously slowed things down a bit. Though it took just over a year to complete, the slower pace allowed for a greater transformation.

The bulk of the design work was accomplished on the first floor. “The dining room had wainscoting and was all white,” Gabriela and Holly recall. “To make a big impact in there we painted everything a rich taupy grey and put in bold light fixtures.” The designers were initially apprehensive about this room being so much darker than the rest of the home, but it ended up as one of their favorite elements. “We love the dramatic pop that the dining room creates when you first enter the home.”

In the living room, they updated the fireplace and built-ins, and removed the coffered ceilings. These small changes resulted in a clean palette for decor. “Off the living room is the sun room and kitchen, this was probably our favorite space to rehab,” the designers share. “This is where the family spends most of their time. The sun room is mostly glass which was nice backdrop for our design. Our client loved an indoor/ outdoor vibe so that was our goal when designing this space.”

Though we’re taught to expect delays in all renovations, we wouldn’t wish a fallen tree on any construction site. That said, in the case of this eclectic Buckhead home, everything worked out exactly as it should. The end result is beautiful and bright, and a space the family will happily call home for years to come.