Don’t let the first image fool you. This house has layers. Designer Chloe Warner, founder of Redmond Aldrich, took her time crafting her family house and the attention to detail and the designer’s own personality truly shine through. She shares more below and in the slideshow.

What sparked your interest in interior design?
The first time I remember caring about fabrics was when I requested a Bed-in-a-Bag as a present when I turned 12. But my interest was sparked by both sets of grandparents – who decorated their houses beautifully and had great taste. They both had 1970’s Republican style and I remember just loving the patterns, the colors, everything.

This is your own home. Where did you start when given free reins?
I was actually stuck at first, and for a few months we lived with nothing and no colors. When we design for clients we present two fully baked schemes, and we did a presentation for a client and I ended up loving the scheme she rejected and just took it over as my own. Just goes to show, there are no bad options!

Where there any particular challenges?
The pressure of designing for yourself is hard, and I don’t have the same budget that I request of my clients, so that made it harder! Architecturally the living room has a double height ceiling which felt daunting at first, but now I don’t know if I could live without it.

Turns out that I actually love being the decider. I don’t feel as much pressure to figure everything out in advance, and I can be open to a thrift store purchase or a clearance rug or a hand-me-down chair. The logistics of designing something organically, over time are just crushing, though. If you want it to be wonderful and efficient you have to work it out in advance.