When Janice and Colin Dreyer decided to sell their home in the suburbs and move into a downtown Vancouver condo, they knew just the designer they wanted to help them make the transition — their daughter, Karla Dreyer. They wanted to start fresh, so they sold all their old furniture to create a blank slate. And together with her parents, Karla designed a light and bright space that, while full of white floors and neutral furnishings, also has plenty of color.

Much of that color comes through the artwork hung throughout the space. “The homeowners have a growing appreciation of how art can add so much joy, uniqueness and a personal touch to a space,” according to Karla. “They are both big fans of Zoë Pawlak’s work and loved showcasing her paintings in their new condo.” Karla wove Zoë’s colorful pieces with other works. From one angle, a painting of a swan makes the bedroom seem very traditional and feminine but from the other angle, a glam chandelier and bright abstract art invigorate the space.

The homeowner’s favorite space is the living groom, where a Rorschach blot pattern wallpaper takes center stage. Karla says, “The main living room is really the heart of this condo and where they spend most of their time. Not only is it wonderful to walk into their modern glam space, but it’s also very comfortable and welcoming for the couple.” As well as for their favorite guest – Karla!