Having accumulated dark and heavy pieces from apartments past, homeowners Christine and Ben felt like their old stuff didn’t really fit their bright and window-filled apartment in Harlem. They needed more storage, and just overall a more cohesive look. With the expertise of designer Megan Hopp, they wanted to transform their apartment into a space that felt light and effortless.

Keeping just the dining table and the sofa (according to Ben’s wishes), Megan helped Christine find the right pieces. “I layered in a lot of strong metallics (the stainless library bookshelves are a personal favorite of mine), to keep the space from feeling too precious, and give it a more timeless aesthetic with bold materials,” the designer explained. Besides the bookshelves they opted for a bold chrome four poster bed, a bronze based side table for the living room, and several other metallic pieces that brought a little glam and masculinity to an otherwise mostly neutral space. “Christine would often ask for the pieces to look ‘handsome”, which I thought was so charming,” said Megan of her client. Leather stools and a mid-century walnut bar-cart brought in the masculine touch that the couple wanted.

Furthermore the clients were also willing to take risks. As Megan shared: “Sometimes people get really bogged down by worrying about what will be in style a year from now, or what they will get sick of down the line. Christine was the opposite, she fell in love with a velvet white bench we put at the end of the bed and said ‘this won’t stand the test of time I know, but if there is a ever a moment for me to have a white velvet bench — this is it, and I’m going to enjoy it!'” Starting with no artwork of their own, Megan made sure to find unique artwork to give the space a more personalized touch. The gold chairs in the dining area, from Bend Goods, were another bold choice that in the end made a big difference in the overall design.

“As I was finishing up the space the other day, Christine was telling me how inspired she felt to live a “clutter free” life in her newly completed home,” Megan said. Having brought in a cohesive scheme for the couple has made their apartment not just a place where they felt more comfortable but what has since become a hub for their circle of friends to socialize.