The plan for this apartment was to be a place of calm and respite for a tech company founder and CEO. His busy lifestyle meant that he wanted his new condo with views of Downtown San Francisco to feel relaxing and spacious. But with the idea in mind of living there short term (just 1-3 years), he didn’t want to undertake heavy renovations. Designer Erin Roberts knew just what to do to transform the space to meet her client’s expectations.

“The 2 bedroom condo was around 1800 square feet with new modern finishes and lots of storage space, so no new cabinetry or built-ins were needed,” the designer explained. “We opted to work with the existing flooring and finishes to accommodate a short term plan, which made the most sense if he relocated in under 3 years.” The main changes to the physical space took the form of combining the living room and dining room to create an enormous great room with windows covering the entire north wall. It was all about making the space feel uncluttered and relaxed.

Having recently moved from a smaller apartment, the homeowner knew that for this new home, he’d have to select furniture with different proportions. “Having larger scale pieces was the perfect fit,” Erin said, “So we placed the sectional sofa facing the view and selected a 7 foot dining table to create a multi-use office and entertaining space.”

Next was deciding the overall style of the home. Erin had recently taken a trip to Denmark which served as inspiration for the project. “We added paint with rich moody hues inspired by Copenhagen, where minimalist modern interiors are given a layer of luxe coziness by mixing in dark blues and earthy sage greens,” she said. “This created a soothing, sleepy vibe for the bedrooms that felt both calming and unique.” The key was to find just the right color that wouldn’t look to black with the black-out drapery and that had the right amount of blue. They decided on “Philipsburg Blue” by Benjamin Moore that enhanced the tones of the walnut headboard and charcoal bedlinen.

As a final detail, Erin added green touches to the whole apartment. “Plants were an important addition to the modern space to soften the edges and give that indoor-outdoor feel to a downtown high-rise,” she explained. They selected Dracaena Marginata, Song of India, and a Rubber Tree Plant locally from Flora Grubb Gardens. Of the finished project, the designer said: “We achieved a modern and comfortable space that had warmth and a lot of natural light. Plants throughout were key, with pops of color layered in alongside a sophisticated neutral palette.”