With a father who is a high-end custom homebuilder, designer Shannon Bradner always enjoyed visiting his job sites and reviewing the blueprints of his current projects. She says, “In my early teens my parents started to flip their homes and I loved the experience of being able to work alongside designers to create my dream room! The building process and seeing my parents bring their visions to reality made me realize I wanted to become a designer and create beautiful living environments.” That resulted in a career in design that lead Shannon to joining the team at HB Design. Today she’s sharing her own condo on Rue Daily.

Shannon credits taking down the walls for really bringing the view front and center of the space. It also created a great entertaining space. Shannon says, “As soon as we were handed the keys to our new home I began the design process. First and foremost, we had to find out if we could take down the kitchen wall to create the open concept apartment we had dreamed about. By doing this we could take full advantage of the expansive view of Vancouver.” 

That wasn’t the only grand scheme up Shannon’s sleeve. She also credits the kitchen backsplash for adding a quirky twist to the minimal design. She says, “You would be surprised how many people go to touch it – it was totally worth it!” 

See the full condo renovation in the slideshow!