When Michigan-based designer Michaela Noelle was faced with a big renovation, she was excited, to say the least. She explains, “I absolutely love when a client comes to me with a big renovation project! Magic happens when you get to tear down walls, reconfigure kitchens, choose new paint colors…you know, all the big stuff.” In this home, cozy living reigns supreme — there are more than enough places to curl up with a good book, enjoy a warming beverage, or simply admire the thoughtful decor. Today, Michaela takes us on a tour, sharing a bit about the project AND offering advice on how to give your own home a cozy winter refresh: 

This client’s transformation will forever be one of my favorites! What used to be oak cabinets are now crisp and white. Laminate countertops are now a beautiful honed marble. A living room that used to be very closed-off to the entry, is now open to the stairway and feeling a lot more airy with the removal of a wall.

Magic is also created by small changes, so if you’re not in a place to completely renovate your home, I’ve come up with a few simpler ideas to help refresh your home for winter.

Michaela’s Winter Refresh Ideas:

  1. Pillow Play: one of the most cost-effective ways to change this up (in any season) is to switch out your throw pillows. For winter, we changed out the regularly bright and light pillows for the darker tones and textured pillows you see on the living room couch.
  1. Bring on the Texture: think chunky blankets, woven baskets, cozy rugs, lots of plants, vases with visual texture (my client collects mercury glass that we display on her fireplace and buffet!)
  1. Bring the Outdoors In: most parts of the country are cold in the winter months (hello, Michigan!), so we don’t have the luxury that California weather affords of spending a lot of time outdoors. As a way to combat the winter blues, I also suggest getting a few house plants and keeping fresh flowers in a few spots, when you can. Often I suggest splitting up grocery store bouquets and putting a few flowers from the bouquet around the house in small vases– all in places you see often. A bud by the kitchen sink, a few on your coffee table, etc.
  1. Warm it up with Metals: I love mixing metals. Gold, silver, mercury glass, rose gold, copper, pewter, brass…bringing in some metallics to your home make it feel warm and offer reflective surfaces that bounce natural light off each other. Thankfully this client of mine shares my love for mixes metals, so you’ll see a lot of metallics in her home. From the entry way art frames to the silver lamp bases, gold trays, and lots of other trinkets, it all blends so beautifully! We also mixed metals in the kitchen. It’s subtle…did you catch it?! The knobs and pulls on the white cabinets are silver, while the knobs and pulls on the darker island are a mix of gold and silver tones, seen in these mother of pearl knobs.