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When Linda, a school teacher, and Ray, a realtor first bought their new home in 2016 in Mar Vista, California, they immediately began renovations and even welcomed their first child Mila. It wasn’t just the fact that they wanted to consider their daughter in the design of their new space that had them a bit stumped on their home’s decor but also their disparate tastes. Linda loved the coziness of traditional spaces and Ray had a penchant for contemporary design. Wanting to have someone sort out the issue of what to do with some of their old furniture that didn’t work with the new layout and the handful of new pieces they had purchased, as well as their differing styles, they hired interior designer Marissa Cramer.

“Linda grew up in the Northern California area of Moro Bay and Ray had his eye on a Steve Thomas vintage style illustration featuring California’s central coast. When I came on board, I narrowed down the selection to two canvas pieces that we had framed in wood floating frames,” Marissa explained. The colors of the artwork made up of grays and blues were the jumping off point of the design of their home. The couple had already purchased a bed for the new master suite from Room & Board, a dining table and TV console from west elm, and dining chairs from CB2

The home’s modern bones and the new contemporary pieces that the couple had already purchased served to satiate Ray’s love of a clean aesthetic. To bring in the coziness and traditional elements that Linda gravitated towards, Marissa selected a soft, linen sofa and upholstered Kim Salmela ottoman — which were also great for a home that included a new baby girl. The gray lattice rug in the dining room brought in an additional feminine element to an otherwise clean-lined and masculine space.

Besides bringing an eye for creating a cohesive space, the couple had complete confidence in Marissa to find the right mid-point between their different tastes. “Most of my recent projects have been kitchen and bath remodels so it’s always fun to dive into decor projects,” Marissa shared. Their trust in her warranted great results: “I completed the install just before Mila’s first birthday so they were able to host her birthday party and show off a completely furnished home to family and friends.”