In any renovation, you have to have patience. It’s a process that takes a lot of time, money, and decisions. The couple of this newly built Tudor home in Scarsdale, NY, however, had even more patience than most. When they first moved from New York City out to the suburbs, they hired interior designer Kerri Rosenthal to make this spec home, a place that felt personal and comfortable. However, after the first stage of renovations, they knew that what they wanted for the living room and entryway would reveal itself over time, so they waited two years to tackle the second part of the project.

“They did not want the home to feel overly decorated,” Kerri explained. “I think that’s why they came to me – I was able to give them a home that felt artful but super comfortable and special.” The couple avidly collects photography and wanted the interior scheme to be neutral so that their artwork could take center-stage. Kerri selected several neutral paint tones from Farrow & Ball including “Cornforth White” for the millwork and “All White” for the living areas to create the perfect backdrop.

As for the materials she included, she resorted to options that had an organic feel including Belgian linens, an ash wood dining table, Tibetano rugs, and bleached oak flooring. “I worked with them on the floors, leaving them unstained and actually bleaching them to their current state,” she said. “I also added a specially chosen stone for around the fireplace in the living room.”

Once most of the interior of the home was done, the function of the living room evolved over the two years – at first, it was a makeshift playroom, but eventually, they settled on having it be a formal living room with no TV that felt both chic and casual at the same time. A great example of that is the mix of lounge furniture with elegant lighting: hanging overhead is Apparatus’ Studio’s Arrow Pendant Lamp in Brass. “I took this leap of faith and let them take their time to figure the living room out,” Kerri shared. “Two years later, they were ready to get started. By waiting on this space we were able to really give the homeowner what they needed.”