Interior designer Crystal Sinclair had her work cut out for her with this project – she had not one, but two sets of clients for this home in Rye, NY. The original clients, a couple with two young boys, met with her in a café to go over the concept for their forever home. “They bought a small, old home on a great lot of land and tore the existing down to build the home of their dreams,” Crystal explained. “They had reached out to me soon after they acquired the land and old home. Demolition began a month or two after we had met.” This ‘forever home’, however, soon was put on the market midway through construction, bringing on a new set of homeowners and clients for Crystal to work with.

The new homeowners loved the original concept for the home: “We worked towards a pure, natural environment using materials throughout that felt very organic – blonde hardwood flooring, terracotta, cement, and terrazzo tiles, quartz countertops, and concrete pendants in the kitchen,” she said. “Soft details, lines, and curves are a repeat feature throughout – round light fixtures in the bathrooms, curved lines in tiles, subtle framing in the kitchen cabinetry.” Each element was selected to create a clean and classic feel including the emphasis on no cabinet hardware in the kitchen.

Where the design of the home did change directions with the new homeowners was in the bathrooms. The original neutral and simple concept was then given a slightly bold new twist. “This is where the bright blue ceiling came in for the boys’ bathroom,” Crystal said. “The new owners wanted a pop in the bathroom that the previous owners did not! It creates some drama and fun.” The designer also suggested using terrazzo tile sourced from Concrete Collaborative for two of the four bathroom floors. “They have such a fun, unique selection and their staff is super friendly and helpful,” she advised. Another bold moment is in the curved line geometric tile in the shared bathroom. “It took a lot of convincing the client to push the boundaries with the fun tile but we’re both so glad we did,” Crystal smiled. “It’s almost everyone’s favorite room in the house!”

From start to finish the home took thirteen months to complete. With two sets of clients, one would think that Crystal would have her hands full but in the end, it was a smooth transition with few major alterations. “Things changed but the overall direction stayed the same,” she said. “The new clients loved the overall feel we were going for.”