The couple that owned this home knew it had great potential. It had spectacular views of the Bay and the Golden Gate bridge but its state was less than polished. As big entertainers, often inviting business guests over, their home needed to be polished and have a good flow. Enlisting the help of Caitlin Jones, of Caitlin Jones Design, they were able to transform their home into a mid-century contemporary masterpiece whose style rivalled some of their favorite hotels around the world.

Since they were easy going and had good taste, it was a dream for Caitlin to work with them. “The house was, quite literally, disgusting when they purchased it, but the views of the Bay and Golden Gate Bridge were breathtaking.” Investing their complete trust in her, she was able to bring the tones of the Bay in and push the boundaries somewhat.”The wife has hated blue in the past,” Caitlin, explains, “but we actually ended up using quite a bit of it in decor and art–and she loves it now.” Besides a few hints of turquoise in a vase or painting, Caitlin used grayish blue hues in area rugs, pillows and throws.

The home also boasts a mix of luxury and more relaxed vibes. The living room sofas from Room & Board make for a great neutral foundation: “Retail brands have gotten more durable and comfortable over the years, and as long as you don’t expect it last for 20 years, you’re good.” Caitlin then went for some exlcusive standout pieces such as the floor lamp from Ligne Roset and the Meridiani coffee table. The cabinets in the kitchen are an ingenious budget solution: “We chose really inexpensive box cabinets from a granite store, had them lacquered and added new rocky mountain hardware on them,” Caitlin explains. The result is undeniably elegant and serves as a good reminder that there are ways to get high style without the cost.