Anthony Gianacakos is definitely on our list of upcoming designers to watch. His design point of view is fresh, a little edgy, and practical. So when he shared this bold family home in Armonk, NY with us, we wanted to find out more.

Home to a couple with a two year old and another on the way, it’s the perfect space to spread out. The couple had worked with Anthony previously in New York City, but had recently moved out of town to gain more space to grow their family. “I decorated their apartment in the city–they wanted a place that was comfortable, looked nice, and wasn’t fussy, which was the same concept here,” Anthony explained, “but in this case, the challenge was that the house and the rooms were giant.” With a brand new house, with white walls and nothing else to start from, his work was cut out for him.

“They let me push their comfort zone when it comes to color, pattern and artwork. I wanted to have a layered look of modern, colorful accents, and a bit of eclecticism,” he said. Notably, these clients were excited about using Anthony’s own fabric line. Bold ethnic patterns that have a global influence, his textiles have a fresh feel. “My design motifs are all hand painted, then designed electronically and digitally printed at my manufacturer in Pennsylvania,” he shares. “The home owners found them fun, unique, and liked the playfulness with color. It’s nice when they fit a project I am working on.”

Anthony’s help went beyond aesthetics–he was able to create a great flow in the living room that could accommodate seating for over ten people, a necessary requirement for the homeowners’ love of hosting their extended family. He also added a wall behind the bed in the master bedroom that gave a beautiful entryway within the space and separated the walk-in closets from the rest of the room. Overall the home exudes the exact qualities that the homeowners hoped for: modern, put-together and comfortable, a perfect space for a young family to bring some of their city style to the suburbs.