With renovations already underway, this hip young family of five, including three boys between 11 and 13 years old, decided that the team at Jette Creative would from then onward take on all of the design decisions for both the structure and decor of their home. Designers Jesse DeSanti and Emilia Franceschi headed this project helping the couple carve out a contemporary version of their source of inspiration: the designs of Charles & Ray Eames.

As lovers of Mid-Century furniture and California residents, it felt organic to the space to base the look of their home on Eames. From their designs came the home’s color scheme — a custom-made burnt orange velvet sectional serves as the standout piece in the whole home. “It’s risky doing such a large piece in such a bold color, but it turned into such a wonderful piece that really grounds the entire common area,” Jesse explained. “A piece that large becomes the main feature and almost becomes the neutral in the room.” Jette Creative brought in an element of optimism to the space, a leading characteristic of Eames. Geometric tile, wood paneling, and mix and matched gray Eames stools bring in a happiness factor to the space.

Jesse and Emilia were concerned about making their clients’ home feel authentic: “Overtime, their twins had done two pieces of art they really wanted to incorporate (the boat and the golden gate bridge) and the colors happen to be perfect for the two different spaces,” Jesse said. “Making sure our clients feel like their space is personal is important to our designs and we were happy to add those touches.” In that vein, Jesse and Emilia had a photo of the boys at the beach blown up and printed onto a canvas, hung in the home’s entrance. 

As a family that is active and social, it was important that the layout of their home serve their needs. “The house isn’t overwhelmingly large so using the interior space wisely, mainly for comfortable lounging, was particularly important,” Jesse noted. “They wanted the dining room outside since Southern California weather mostly allows this type of design.” The main living space inside the home omits a formal dining and holds two seating areas, on for lounging and the other for more social and quiet moments. “Kim can have a glass of wine by the fire, the kids can hang out on the sofa, Josh can be outside enjoying the fire pit or barbecuing with friends. Even though these are all different, unique spaces, they’re all open to each other and it feels very warm that way,” Jesse said.