When designer Nicole Newkirk first began this project in Ross, CA, the quick timeline was top of discussion. In the midst of building a home, the client had moved into a rental to be closer to family during the process. She needed the space totally furnished in a week and a half! The craftsman home has 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a back house which would soon serve as an office. “The most important thing my client wanted was the house to feel like a home,” Nicole explains. “She told me she’d always had mismatched Ikea furniture and so she wanted to upgrade and have everything styled pretty.” She wasn’t set on an exact style, instead trusting Nicole’s judgment.

“I wanted my client to move in as soon as possible, so having a deadline was very important,” the designer recalls, citing time management as the top priority for a project like this. She turned to local resources like HD Buttercup, Acacia, and Leftovers — a local consignment store. She also looked to CB2 and Crate and Barrel, shopping online and then picking pieces up in the store — a lifesaver in a time crunch. Also online, AllModern was key for quick delivery and great price points. And, in a surprise twist, she looked to Amazon. Nicole laughs, “I know you’re probably thinking, Amazon? You’d be surprised the kind of good quality home decor accessories they have if you dig deep!” 

As expected, the process didn’t come without a hiccup or two. “My client decided that the she didn’t like the first sofa we purchased from Room and Board because of the comfort level,” Nicole recalls. “She loved the style, but it just wasn’t as comfortable. So I had 24 hours to find the same exact sofa in the same style and dimensions, but comfortable.” Working quickly, the designer found a  company who could make one that was nearly identical and, most importantly, comfortable! They delivered it four days later. (And earned a customer for life!)

With a smile, Nicole says, “My client was so happy with how quickly I got this done but also how beautiful it all turned out. This was one of the quickest projects I’ve ever done and would definitely do it again. It was so much fun!”