Many of the homes we feature are for young families, but this home is quite the opposite – it’s the bachelorette pad for a 78-year-old. Nicole Varga and Elisa Fox, of Flow Smart Living + Interiors, had previously worked for the client’s daughter who hired them to transform the apartment for her mom. Nicole and Elisa say, “The mother surprisingly didn’t have any input on the final choices we made as it was to be a complete surprise and “reveal” to her when it was all finished and ready to pass back over.”

That lack of input isn’t to say she isn’t a woman full of style. “During our initial meeting she was dressed up in leather pants and a leopard print top to go to a doctors’ appointment,” recall the designers. “We knew from that moment that we didn’t have to play it too safe for her. We wanted the space to have a sophisticated elegance with impactful moments of drama.”

The condo was a small space with a “very awkward and essentially nonexistent dining space.” Other problems included a complete lack of overhead lighting and a long, angled wall that posed a layout issue. Nicole and Elise tackled the later head on by adding molding details to create a feature wall that unites the living and dining areas to the office. “This not only created great texture for that otherwise very plain wall but also allowed us to define a centre point for our dining space. By using a round dining table we were able to keep a good flow throughout the area and anchored it with the beautiful light fixture and custom oversized framed mirror,” they explained. “The mirror was two-fold in creating a visual weight for our new dining center line as well as opening up and reflecting the entire space to make it feel bigger.”

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