Jennifer Rigaurdi had lived in her home for six months prior to seeking decor help from Homepolish designer Ana Claudia Schultz. With two girls under five – and now an additional baby on the way – Jennifer knew even if she wanted to do the design herself she didn’t have the time. Luckily, Ana and Jennifer quickly found common ground. Ana says, “Her children, her fun personality, and the architecture inspired me. My clients always inspire my designs, this is their home and I want it to reflect them and for them to love it.”

Ana continues, “I’ve always been an interior designer. It was inescapable. My eyes and interests always took me to interiors and design but I didn’t realize how much I could help people. At first, I thought it was a materialistic career choice and didn’t feel comfortable “dictating” how someone should decorate their home, therefore, I studied architecture instead. Not until my first interior design project did I realize how much of an impact I made in people’s lives and helped them bring their personality to their home. And your home makes a huge difference in your psychology, to come home to a place you love, that brings you enjoy and lets you rest sets your mood on a daily basis. In my case, and most of my clients agree, my home is my nook, a place to digress and a safe haven, where I have things I love and a feeling of satisfaction taking care of it.

For this home, the client’s main request was “to make the spaces child-friendly and appealing at the same time. The architecture already said so much but I could tell she had a lot of personality so I didn’t want to do muted design elements and instead we brought in modern pieces, color, and patterns to play with the architecture.”

Of course, a major challenge was the fact that the home was a rental. “Rentals are limiting in certain senses,” Ana says. “We couldn’t change the location of the lighting, renovate or even paint. Therefore furniture, art and accessories had to create enough impact. The architecture is beautiful but there were some issues with moldings and trim. The walls were also hard to drill on and anchor to. Most importantly we had strict instructions by the owner to not paint and for the space to return to its original condition when they move out.”

See how Ana designed a family home in a rental in the slideshow and get her tips on rental redesigns below!

Ana’s Advice for Decorating a Rental Home
Invest in pieces that speak to your personality. You can always take them with you in the next space.

Storage/utilitarian furniture for example are usually specific to the space so create custom storage with IKEA Besta and Pax. When you move you don’t feel so bad if you have to leave them or you can add to them/subtract if your new home is bigger/smaller.

If you can paint or wallpaper then I suggest using a combination of paint and stick on wallpaper then your home will not look like a rental.

Add plants! They create depth, warmth and add life to your home (literally).

And start investing in art! You can always take them with you plus 10,20,30 years from now you will fondly remember where and who you were when the art piece spoke to you.