Located in a new development in the East Village, this duplex was in excellent condition with tasteful finishes when interior designer Louisa Roeder first saw it. However, the homeowners hoped for something more personal and unexpected. “Right off the bat, my clients knew they wanted a traditional botanical chinoiserie wallpaper in the bedroom and a predominately red den,” Louisa recalls. “Otherwise, the design proceeded with us collectively selecting items that we loved and using those pieces as the landmarks around which we built each room.”

The husband was raised in England and his background served as initial design inspiration. “British dens are traditionally wood-paneled or painted in bold colors, so we used a red paint on the built-ins and colorful wallpaper as an homage to his upbringing,” Louisa shares. “Of course, we gave it our own twist with a modern version of a leather club chair and exotic rug. The den is the ideal place to retreat in the winter and snuggle up in front of the telly.” 

Once the design process was well underway, the couple found out they were expecting their first child. They decided not to find out the baby’s gender, so the design of the nursery was kept neutral and in line with the rest of the home’s aesthetic, with a statement ‘Le Grand Genois’ Pierre Frey panel. The baby wasn’t the only extra consideration, either. “Entertainingly, I had another client, Mugsy, who is my client’s pug and who was a delightful, decorating companion,” Louisa laughs. “Mugsy inspired me to find some adorable pug pillows, and even a pug engraving that we hung in the hallway to honor his cute mug.”

A lot of the furnishings had longer lead times so the installation happened gradually as opposed to a grand reveal. That said, the end result is a magnificent, colorful home with plenty of charm. See more in the slideshow.