This period Cape Cod style home in San Mateo, California is a long way from Massachusetts so designer Jana Magginetti wanted to be sure to add a California influence to the home with a clean and pure background accented with color throughout. When she first started, the home was dark and dated. Her goal was to lighten and open up the space, as well as showcase the client’s multiple extensive collections. 

Her biggest challenge, however? The somewhat opposite styles of the homeowners. She loves shabby chic and has a very personal collection of figurative and contemporary art; he loves clean and symmetrical. And he’s not without his own collection, either. An avid comic book fan since eight, the husband had a trove of collectables that the couple wanted a safe place for. Jana’s solution, in collaboration with Dobel Construction, was to create the ultimate minimalist’s man cave that could house his collection of 8,000 comic books, action figures, and artwork. Jana says, “He wanted this room to be a display of the art and action figures, a cave for him to relax and work on his comic collection.” You’d never believe it but this stylish space was actually part of the garage!

Throughout the rest of the home, Jana worked to create a blend of all of its inhabitants — husband and wife and their two teenage boys — by blending white and color with luxe details and clean lines.

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