“This vacation home was designed with a California surf family in mind,” designer Lindye Galloway tells us. “It’s for a couple whose children are growing up and they wanted a beachside home for everyone to gather, rest and (of course) surf. They wanted this vacation home to be unique from their primary home and something that felt coastal but had a contemporary spin. As a family of 5, with many friends stopping in, we needed to design a space that had plenty of room for entertaining and maximize each square inch of the home.”

The home is located in San Clemente, CA and has a gorgeous ocean view. It was built in 1979, and stayed true to the era until Lindye and her team got their hands on it for a 9 month renovation. “It had a choppy layout, small spaces, full walls of mirrors and outdated everything,” she recalls. They remodeled and furnished every aspect of the home — changing the layout substantially by opening up the walls and creating a unique island to dining table experience that flowed into the living room with the view. The family requested flooring that would withstand sand and water from those just-off-the-beach days. After researching options, they settled on concrete floors. “Concrete felt like a risk that could make the space feel darker or less cozy,” Lindye says. “But ultimately it created a modern feel with perfect durability, softened and brightened by rugs throughout.”

In the kitchen, the designer faced a few unexpected challenges with building codes and pipes that couldn’t be moved, meaning they had to have oversized soffits and posts in the open-concept kitchen, a challenge that encouraged Lindye to think outside the box. “We wrapped the soffits and posts in this wood paneling that gave the kitchen an architectural moment and highlighted it instead of hiding it!”

The family requested that the style not fall into the typical “beach house” category, so Lindye made sure the space felt moody and contemporary. “Our contrasting colors, deep tones and use of texture brought a sense of coastal vibes with the surprise of details,” she says. “Design is all about pushing boundaries and taking a new perspective and we love that we had permission to do that here!” She and her team focused on gorgeous finishes to enhance the space and bring unique elements to each space while having a cohesive feel throughout. “The final layer of furniture design made this home both comfortable and livable by the beach. We focused on durability, comfort and style!”