In a more residential neighborhood of London, a couple that lives between London and NY bought two apartments to be converted into one home. The project was taken over by architect Michaela Bertolini of Bertolini Architects who turned these two disjointed spaces and garden into one.

The biggest challenge was to make the basement floor bright and airy. To do so, Michaela took out the sash window at the back and put in folding glass doors that opened up to the garden. She then decided on light limestone for the floors, white for the walls and kitchen to transform the space from its dark original state. With a new open floor plan, the living room and kitchen had better flow and access to the garden. They excavated part of the garden to create a patio (where you see the outdoor dining table and chairs) as well as large steps that head up to the rest of the garden that also providing additional seating.

The homeowners already had most of the furnishings in the space — from the lounge chairs from Vitra, to the artwork and oak dining table. The upper floor layout was kept the same, where two bedrooms with their own fireplaces are located. We love the layered look of the gallery wall of prints, illustrations and photographs, along with simple textiles from the gray throw to the dark gray carpeting. Overall, this duplex has a lovely sense of harmony, with personal touches in the artwork and a edited selection of only the best furnishings, as well as a charming indoor/outdoor flow.