This 2,400 square-foot condo in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco had been recently renovated when its new owners, a young couple expecting their first child, purchased it. It featured beautiful and modern finishes, but lacked personality. The pair called on designer Regan Baker to help with furnishings and decorative additions like wallpaper, light fixtures and hardware that would speak more directly to their taste.

“Both our clients have dynamic careers in the tech industry, so creating a comfortable haven where they could easily work from home, host gatherings or spend quality time as a family was a must,” Regan shares. The couple had different design priorities — she likes whimsical patterns while he loves masculine and mid-century modern pieces — but the combination ended up quite beautiful. “Ultimately this pairing made for a really great project; it’s a combination that keeps things happy and relaxed,” Regan explains. “The floral patterns and subtle pastels are tempered beautifully by the use of bold, masculine pieces and those heavier, design classics feel a bit more upbeat around sunny yellow and pale rose tones.”

Each room in the home features a unique piece of artwork, from architectural photography by Matthieu Venot to more sculptural pieces and wallhangings. “One of our favorite pieces is the textile art in the living room that Windy Chien created for us in a custom, mustard yellow color. Our client works for a tech mapping company and she was immediately drawn to Chien’s work because it reminds her of a map. Chien’s work is approachable, textured, and structured-yet-organic. We love that she works at such a large scale because of how much of an impact her pieces have in a room,” the designer says.

Since this project didn’t call for any renovations or construction, it was a relatively quick process that took just under 6 months. “Our clients returned home on install day and were so excited to check out each room,” Regan smiles. “They told us they really felt like the home was an elevated version of their personal style and were so excited to see everything we designed and approved with them realized in real life.”

Regan shares more design details in the slideshow.